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Create Romantic Wedding Hair with Inspiring ’21 Styles

Bridal Hair Inspiration: Elegant and Romantic Hairstyles for Weddings

Bridal hair is an important part of any wedding day look. Whether you’re a bride or bridesmaid, the perfect hairstyle helps you look and feel confident and beautiful. But with all the options out there, it can be hard to decide what kind of style is best for you. That’s why we’ve created this guide: to give you the inspiration and resources you need to find the perfect romantic and elegant wedding hairstyle for your big day.

Here, you’ll learn the basics of preparing for a wedding hairstyle – from scheduling appointments to selecting a stylist, and what products to have on hand. We’ll also provide an overview of the different wedding hairstyle trends that will be popular for 2021, as well as the tools and accessories you’ll need to recreate the looks. We’ll discuss the differences between upstyles and down styles, and how to choose the most flattering style based on your face shape and natural hair properties. In the end, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to create beautiful, romantic wedding hair looks that are truly memorable.

Preparation Basics for a Wedding Hairstyle

Deciding on a wedding hairstyle is an exciting part of every bride’s big day. Before you walk down the aisle, it’s important to plan well in advance. Here are a few tips for scheduling hair appointments, selecting a stylist, and gathering necessary hair products.

Scheduling Hair Appointments

Hair appointments should be booked far enough in advance to allow time for trial runs. This allows the bride and bridal party to determine which hairstyles look best on everyone. During the appointment, it’s also important to discuss the timeline for the day before the wedding. Be sure to factor in time for travel, makeup, and taking pictures.

Selecting a Stylist

When choosing a stylist, be sure to get recommendations from family and friends. Take time to look over their portfolio and read reviews to ensure they can create the desired look. It’s always helpful to bring inspiration photos so the stylist can understand your vision. Finally, be sure to ask how long they estimate a particular style will last – this can help in case of rain or other weather events on the day of the wedding.

Gathering Necessary Hair Products

For a successful wedding hairstyle, it’s important to use quality products that provide hold, volume, and texture. Depending on the chosen style, you’ll need items like curling irons and wands, hairspray, hot rollers, bobby pins, hair clips, and styling products. If possible, use products from the same line as your stylist.

Trending Hairstyles for 2021

As a bride, you want to look your best on your big day. And along with the perfect dress, you’ll need a gorgeous bridal hairstyle that will make you feel like a million bucks. There are plenty of elegant and romantic hairstyles to choose from that can be tailored to suit the modern bride. Let’s take a look at the most popular wedding hairstyle trends for 2021.

Softly Tousled Curls

This effortless hairstyle is perfect for those who love the natural look. It involves loosely curled locks that are softly tousled and cascading over the shoulder. This style is suitable for all hair types, including short, medium and long lengths.

Low, Loose Bun

The low, loose bun is a great way to add subtle yet beautiful elegance to your wedding day look. This hairstyle is created by pulling all your hair back into a low bun at the nape of your neck. To finish, gently pull strands of hair out around the face for a softer, romantic look.

Half Up Half Down

The half up, half down hairstyle is a classic beauty moment for any bride. This hairstyle is perfect for medium to long hair and can be dressed up with hair accessories such as combs, pins, or sparkly barrettes. For extra texture and volume, add a few tendrils curled around the face for softness.

Braided Upstyle

The braided upstyle is the perfect way to add a touch of bohemian beauty to your wedding day look. This stylish hairstyle involves incorporating small or large braids for an effortless, yet artistic, look. Whether it’s a braid going down the back of the head or a fishtail braid tucked behind the ears, this style is sure to stand out.

Glamorous Updo

For a more glamorous feel, opt for an updo, which is a perfect option for medium to long hair. An updo involves gathering the hair into a loose bun and securing with bobby pins. Simple and elegant, this style can be dressed up with sparkly clips for an evening finish.

Tools Needed for Every Wedding Hairstyle

Creating a stunning wedding hairstyle takes more than just the perfect style. To get the results you’re looking for, you need the right tools and products. Here is a basic list of what you’ll need.

  • Bobby Pins/Hairpins: Bobby pins and hairpins are essential for securing hair in place.
  • Hairspray: Secure your look with a non-greasy hairspray that won’t weigh down the hair.
  • Hair Grips: Hair grips are great for keeping hair out of your face when you don’t want to use pins.
  • Barrette Clips: If you want to add sparkle and shine to your look, barrette clips are a good choice.
  • Hair Extensions: Hair extensions allow you to add length and volume to your hair for a dramatic effect.
  • Brush or Comb: Brush or comb out your hair before beginning styling for a smoother result.
  • Heated Curling Iron or Straightening Iron: For curly or straight styles use a heated curling iron or straightening iron to get the desired shape.
  • Decorative Hair Accessories: To give your look an extra pop, don’t forget to accessorize with decorative hair accessories like headbands, clips, bobby pins, and more.

Make sure to have all these tools on hand for your list of styles. Using the correct hair products and tools is key to creating the perfect bridal hairstyle.

Upstyles vs. Down Held Styles

When it comes to bridal hair, brides have a variety of options to choose from. The two most popular styles are upstyles, which are styles in which the hair is pulled up away from the face, and down held styles, which are styles where the hair is left down and falls around the face. Depending on the look you’re going for, one style may be more suitable than the other.

Benefits of Upstyles

There are several benefits to opting for an upstyle for your wedding day. Upstyles are great for summer weddings as they help keep your hair away from your face and neck, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable throughout the ceremony. They also give a very sleek and romantic look, perfect for wedding photos. If you’re going for a more fashionable and modern look for your wedding, an upstyle is your best bet.

Benefits of Down Held Styles

Down held hairstyles can be just as beautiful, and are great for showing off natural curls or texture. They also look wonderfully classic and elegant, and if you want to show off any statement pieces such as hair pins, down held styles are a good choice. These styles tend to look especially beautiful in photos.

Struggling with Hair Types

It’s important to consider your own hair type when deciding which style to go for. Some styles may work better with certain hair types, so be sure to consult with your stylist. For example, if you have thick, curly hair, you may struggle with upstyles as the weight of your hair can pull them out or make them collapse. Similarly, if you have very fine, straight hair, you might find that down held styles don’t hold their shape and end up looking limp. Your stylist will be able to advise you on the best hairstyle for your hair type.

It can be hard to decide between upstyles and down held styles, but with some careful consideration and advice from a stylist, you’ll be able to pick the perfect bridal hairstyle for your special day.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Elegant and Romantic Hairstyles for Weddings

Weddings are special occasions that deserve a special hairstyle. Whether your look is soft and romantic, or bold and glamorous, your hair should be a reflection of you on your wedding day. To help you figure out how to create the perfect hairstyle, we’ve put together a guide that will walk you through the process.

The first step is to decide what style you want. From updos to half updos and down styles, there are a variety of styles to choose from. To determine which style will work best for you, consider your face shape, hair texture, and the dress you’ll be wearing. Once you’ve chosen a style, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Next, you’ll need to gather the tools and products necessary to create the hairstyle. Common tools include bobby pins, clips, a teasing comb, hairspray, and curl spray. Depending on your style, you may also need additional items such as a straightening iron or curling wand. Finally, make sure to allow yourself plenty of time to style your hair and practice a few times before the big day.

Once you have the necessary tools and products, it’s time to create your desired look. For an upstyle, start by sectioning the hair into two–one for the top section and one underneath. Begin by curling or styling the top layer and use the appropriate products to hold the look. Move on to the bottom layer and curl or style as desired. Secure with bobby pins and finish with hairspray to set the style.

If you’re going for a down style, begin by using a curling iron or wand to create waves or curls. Once you’ve achieved the desired texture, use styling products to create volume and hold the style. Finish with hairspray to set the style.

Finally, accessorize the look with a matching tiara, veil, or headpiece. These accessories will add a special touch to your look and make your hairstyle even more beautiful. Be sure to try on your accessories with your chosen hairstyle so they coordinate perfectly.

We hope this guide has been helpful in creating your dream wedding hairstyle. With a little practice and the right products, you’ll have an elegant and romantic look that will keep heads turning!

Understanding the Nuances of Complementary Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

When it comes to selecting the perfect wedding hairstyle, the bride’s face shape and hair properties will play a key role. Each face shape comes with its own set of challenges, and certain hairstyles can be more flattering than others. To make sure the bride looks and feels her best on her special day, it is important to know the right hairstyle for her.

A great way to determine the right hairstyle for a bride’s face shape is to bring in photos or diagrams of different hairstyles that she likes. This way, the stylist can work with the bride to create a unique and beautiful look that complements her facial features. The type of hair can also help dictate the kind of hairstyle that will work best for a bride. Fine, thick, and curly hair will all require different styling techniques to get the desired look.

To make sure the bride looks and feels her best, here are the main face shapes and complementary hairstyles that are recommended:

  • Oval Face: Oval faces tend to look great with almost any hairstyle. Angular or soft looks both work well for this shape. A loose side braid or curls can both be very flattering.
  • Round Face: A round face shape calls for more angular hairstyles that create the illusion of defined cheekbones. A low ponytail or an updo with hair swept up and away from the face works best since they provide a slimming effect.
  • Square Face: For a square face shape, a curved, wavy style is ideal since it adds movement and softened angles to the face. Bangs can also be used to flatter a square face shape.
  • Diamond Face: A diamond face shape is unique and requires a hairstyle that adds width to the forehead and temples while maintaining length around the chin. Curls, soft waves, or a top knot that pulls away from the forehead are all good options.
  • Heart Face: Heart-shaped faces look best with styles that add volume at the sides of the face near the jawline. Soft waves or braids can provide this effect, as well as a low ponytail with volume added at the sides.
  • Long Face: For a longer face, avoid hairstyles that pull the hair away from the face, which can make a person look even longer. Instead, try adding volume at the crown or get bangs to add width to the face.

By taking the time to look into the bride’s face shape and hair properties, the perfect hairstyle can be found. Not only does this help ensure that the bride looks dazzling on her wedding day, but it also gives her the opportunity to feel confident and beautiful from the inside out.

Hair Accessories to Complete Your Look

When it comes to creating the perfect wedding hairstyle, don’t forget about accessories! Whether you are looking for a romantic touch of flowers in your hair or just a bit of sparkle and shine to complete your look, there are lots of options for hair accessories. Here are just a few of the most popular choices:

  • Flowers
  • Jeweled pins
  • Headbands
  • Pearls & Crystals
  • Ribbon & Bows

When considering which accessories to use for your wedding hairstyle, think about the color palette of your wedding. For example, if you are using bold-colored flowers in your bouquet and centerpieces, you can opt for matching colored flowers for your hair. Alternatively, if your wedding colors are more subtle, consider adding some sparkle with a few crystals, beads or pearls.

Hair accessories should enhance your hairstyle, not take away from it. Be sure to choose accessories that fit your hairstyle and are comfortable to wear. If you have an upstyle like a bun or chignon, hair combs or pins are a great option. If you choose a down held style, headbands, ribbon and bows add a little something extra to the look.


It is important to look and feel beautiful on your special day, and the perfect wedding hairstyle can help you achieve this. No matter what your hair type or face shape is, there are a wide range of elegant and romantic hairstyles available for brides to choose from. Whether you opt for an upstyle, downheld style, or something in between, there are many ways to create beautiful and timeless looks for your bridal hairstyle.

In order to ensure you have a successful hairstyle for your big day, it is important to find a stylist you can trust and plan well in advance. With the right preparation and knowledge of your hair type, you’ll be able to determine the perfect look for the big day. Don’t forget, there are accessories and hair pieces available to add that extra special touch.

We hope this guide provided some useful tips and insight into creating beautiful and romantic bridal hairstyles for weddings. Whether you choose an upstyle, downheld look, or something in between, let your hairstyle be a representation of your own personal style.

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